Oktatói Hálózat

Protest of the Hungarian Academic Network (OHA) against the new “National” Curriculum (NAT)

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The Hungarian Academic Network (OHA) expresses agreement and solidarity with the protest by professional organizations against the new “National” Curriculum (NAT). This document – contrary to its title – is NOT NATIONAL. Firstly, a nationwide consensus was not even attempted, its drafts and even authors were and are a secret.

Secondly, it cannot be called national because of its obvious ideological bias. Two examples: the history chapter depicts the period between the two world wars as not at all problematic, and the literature chapter favors authors with connections to extreme right ideologies (who are considered by the majority of experts as mediocre).

The core and foundation purpose of the curriculum is not fulfilled either, for there is no room for the educators to choose and modify. The mandatory knowledge is so extensive that it leaves no chance for consideration.

The new curriculum will not prepare the pupils for a successful life and career. The anachronistic, ideologically biased document, with its simplistic and distorted concept of nation, and unjustified militarism, does not enable the pupils to become open, proactive adults capable of critical thinking, who stand up for preserving nature and improving society.

The document ignores modern pedagogy and represents the present government’s political overreach. Once again, it makes ideological indoctrination the goal of schooling, and does so 30 years after the failure of a similar attempt.

The Academic Network (OHA) is protesting against the introduction of the new curriculum (NAT) and invites pupils, students, educators, researchers and parents to support and sign the petition by the Association of Teachers of Hungarian Language and Literature.