Gondolatok Noam Chomskytól

Gondolatok Noam Chomskytól

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Megfegyelmezés, merev indoktrináció, szoros ellenőrzés az amerikai egyetemeken?  Mivé lesz Noam Chomsky szerint az egyetemi kar?  A proletariátus helyett a prekariátus sorsát osztja?  Egy olyan rendszerben, amelyben felduzzad az egyetemtől idegen bürokrácia, és ahol a hallgatónak szánt tudást lukas edénybe töltik?

A teljes szöveg elérhető itt: Noam Chomsky, “Thinking Like Corporations is Harming American Universities“, Alternet, October 8, 2014 (http://www.alternet.org/print/education/chomsky-thinking-corporations-harming-american-universities)

Néhány gondolat kiemelve:

In the past thirty or forty years, there’s been a very sharp increase in the proportion of administrators to faculty and students; faculty and students levels have stayed fairly level relative to one another, but the proportion of administrators have gone way up. – p. 2

And another technique of indoctrination is to cut back faculty-student contact: large classes, temporary teachers who are overburdened, who can barely survive on an adjunct salary.  And since you don’t have any job security, you can’t build up a career, you can’t move on and get more.  These are all techniques of discipline, indoctrination, and control. – p. 4

One image of education was that it should be like a vessel that is filled with, say, water.  That’s what we call these days “teaching to test”: you pour water into the vessel and then the vessel returns the water.  But it’s a pretty leaky vessel, as all of us who went through school experienced, since you could memorize something for an exam that you had no interest in to pass an exam and a week later you forgot what the course was about. – pp. 6-7

The other model was described as laying out a string along which the student progresses in his or her own way under his or her own initiative, maybe moving the string, maybe deciding to go somewhere else, maybe raising questions.  Laying out the string means imposing some degree of structure. – p. 7 

Vélemény, hozzászólás?